Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on the Bunnies

In a little under one week, the babies have grown so much! Remember this little one?

He or she looks like this now:

The kids named him/her Oreo, even though I objected to it being an unoriginal name! I didn't get a picture of the black one before, but he was smaller than the Oreo.

They named him Eightball. He's the runt of the litter.

He's doing pretty well too! The mama is feeding them twice a day, and we are keeping them outside her cage when they are not eating.
The kids love them, and want to keep them... but they will be going back next week. We have enjoyed them while they are here, though! :)


Mom/Mimi said...

You all are good little critter keepers. Keep up the good work!

Misty said...

They are soooo cute and just in time for Easter!! I like the name Eightball and I agree Oreo is unoriginal, I like different names too!!

Barb said...

Aren't they just darling! You are doing a great job keeping them and I appreciate seeing the updates!