Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today is Jeff's Birthday, but he is on the road and won't be home until this weekend to celebrate. His job has been particularly tiring lately, and he hasn't had much time to catch up on his rest, but hopefully this weekend will allow for that.

He had Sunday off this past weekend, and he missed us so much he drove the 4 or 5 hours home to spend some of the day with us. It was a surprise to us, he did not warn us in advance, just arrived in the middle of the night (Sunday AM, around 3 I think). Instead of relaxing, we took the kids on a Sunday drive / walk. We picked Ceara and Kaitlyn up and we drove around on country roads until we came to a small town where we parked and walked the bike trail for a bit. We couldn't go hiking because a couple of people on the trip did not have appropriate footwear.

The ice cream shop was closed for the day, so we had to settle for getting sodas at a drive thru / gas station. Then we found a park for Conor to play while we relaxed under a tree. He also found all kinds of things to collect to bring home. Pine cones, tree branches... little boy things that he threw in the back of the truck and promptly forgot about them. They are still there, I think. I did actually take my camera, but haven't loaded the pictures yet. I'll do that later, maybe.

We didn't really do much, but it was a fun day. We teased Jeff a lot, thankfully he was a good sport and laughed along with us. He did make some comment about having driven all that way to see us and all he got was abused, or some kind of nonsense like that. Well of course! I can't believe he expected anything less.

It's a good thing he's used to driving, because he did a lot of it that day!

Happy Birthday Jeff!!! Hope you don't work too hard today, and treat yourself to something good for dinner! Love you!


Misty said...

It seems like those kinds of family days are the best and are the most memorable for everyone!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love you!!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday Son. My offer for breakfast out is still open! I would like to see you sometime too. I love you! Mom

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sometimes those simple days are really the best.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday, Zubs!