Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunday Strollin'

Hey, look... I said I'd load the picture and I am actually loading the pictures! Ha! There was an old rail road station that was converted for something else (it was closed) and one of the old cars sitting out front.

Conor and Ceara climbed up for a picture, but Kaitlyn didn't want to. Right after I took the first picture, Ceara saw a spider and decided she had enough.

She climbed down the best she could in her flip flops while Conor went to steer the old car and hold it steady for his sister.

Oh, wait... did you say spider? Get me down from here too!

Let me also say that I did not pick Conor's clothes out. Since they semi matched (some people like them... Bronco's colors - but not my favorite match) and we were just having a lazy Sunday, I left it alone.

It may appear that Conor is trying to walk like his dad with his hands in his pockets, but really he's shoving rocks in there. Lots and lots of rocks.

Because when you are walking across a bridge, you need rocks to throw into the water below.

Since if you are paying attention, you will see that Jeff, Conor, and Kaitlyn all have tennis shoes on, so... that would mean that I was the other person with inappropriate shoes for hiking. Totally not my fault. I spent 10 or more minutes looking for my shoes before we left. Jeff and Conor were in the truck already waiting on me, so I gave up and just put on some slip ons. Someone stole my shoes!

Conor was trying to hurry and throw all his rocks because the others were taking off. I took a picture of vines growing inside the bridge supports because... well because it looked interesting and I am trying to get some "different" pictures.

There were a lot of abandoned buildings along the walk. Interesting buildings that we all speculated about - how cool it would be to open a coffee shop in one of them while living above it? Or some sort of business.

Conor continued to fill his pockets with rocks. You just never know when a pocket full of rocks will come in handy.

This one was my favorite:

The brick was having some issues, and it would need a lot of work, but it has character. A bay window above, on the other side (which I failed to get a picture of) there is an enclosed balcony. It is actually two stores the way it is now, but I would knock down the wall inside and make a cozy place to hang out. Coffee shop because that's what I have wanted to do for a long time, and we would also have smoothie type drinks for the bikers in the summer (the bike trail runs right in front of the store). Ahhhh day dreams. :)

At the park, we relaxed for a bit before getting back on the road home. Jeff had to drive back to where his hotel room was and get to bed for work the next day.

Ceara said, "Did you just take a picture of me with my shoe off?" Like I intentionally did it because she had her shoe off... I hadn't even noticed! lol Kaitlyn made fun of her comment too.

Then the sliding began!

Conor went several times, but Kaitlyn only went down once.

Look... there's Ceara's foot again. Just one, though.

In this picture, Conor was asking if he could go pet a dog that was on the other side of the tree - Jeff was looking around and checking it out. He did go and pet the dog, and came back with a tree branch that had fallen to add to his collection.

We had a great time!


mom said...

Quality time is great fun. I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Love.

Barb said...

What a lovely day, I hope you all remember it forever as a fun day together!

Naomi said...

Awww! Great pics, Katie. Looks like a great day.

Melinda said...

Nice photos! Some of these have excellent composition! You capture people quite well.

Katie said...

Thanks, Naomi and Melinda! :) I like trying to get good shots, I'd love to learn more about photography some day. My favorite pictures are the ones that are not posed, I try not to let them see me taking the pictures. :)