Saturday, March 06, 2010


Well. The day didn't start off great, but didn't end up too badly. To start, Conor gets on the bus at 7:48am, which gives me 12 minutes to drive the 10 min to work - in perfect conditions. I also run through the McDonalds drive through for a coffee. There are 2 McDonalds on my way to work, so if the first one has too many people in line, I go to the second one.

Every single thing that could slow me down happened. The drive through didn't look busy, but they took forever. Which I don't understand because I've had them make me pull up for them to bring my coffee out when it only takes them like... 30 seconds to get it to me. So the fact that they let that one car sit at the window for 5 minutes was really irritating.

And what is it, Murphy's law that says when you are in a hurry everything will slow you down? Well, I pass a truck stop on my way to work. And the guy in front of me decided to be nice and let two trucks out in front of him. The got on the highway in front of me. Traffic was too heavy for me to pass before the next exit, so I had to stay behind them. I hit every single red light on my way to work, and was behind so many slow moving people it wasn't funny. I also got behind two different school buses and had to wait for them to pick up kids.

So, there's this guy at work... let's call him Joe. Because, yeah... that's his name. I'd try to change it, but let's face it. There are thousands of Joes out there and unless I told you his last name, you still would have any clue who I'm talking about. Well, except for Mayo. He knows. Anyway, he used to work at our branch before he became a corporate guy, but he still works out of our branch a couple of days a week.

So, when I got behind the second bus, my first thought was, "This pretty much guarantees that Joe will be at the branch today." And he was. And I was 10 minutes late. He never, ever says anything to me. Or asks for an explanation. He doesn't care about the reason. He just says something to my boss, who then says something to me. Fun.

So, I got there, turned everything on, and proceeded to try to find something to do. I did what I could, then waited for responses. At around 10:30 the lights went out and my laptop dimmed. There were still lights on in the back and in 2 of the offices, but the rest was dark.

Joe's office was one with lights, so he didn't realize what was happening until I went back and told him. We checked the breaker box, which was fine, and then he got a flashlight to check the server room.

The server room was one that was blacked out, but we were still running on a backup battery, so we were still connected to the network.

So, two of the "suits" got an extension cord and ran it from one of the offices that had power back to the server room and started attempting to unplug things to get power to the battery or the server. I really don't know what their intentions were, but neither knew exactly what they were doing.

Whatever they did, it didn't work. The phones went out when they unplugged something, and the network went about 30 minutes later. We waited another 30 minutes and Joe said to lock it up and go home to work. So, I got to come home around noon. I brought my laptop and VPN'd into our server and was able to finish the day up from here. Which was nice. I'm very glad that my morning wasn't an indication of the rest of the day! :)

The weather is supposed to be decent this weekend, so I hope everyone has a great one!

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Barb said...

Sometimes you wonder "what's with all the frustration and hold-ups"?? Is it just Life, or are you being spared something by the delays?

Sorry it all went phooey on ya Katie!