Monday, March 01, 2010


You didn't think I'd just abandon you and take a break after all those posts, did ya? Nah. Just a short one, but... I made PW's roast tonight. It is awesome. The only changes I made were to use dried rosemary (I didn't have fresh), and I didn't use thyme. Oh, and I added potatoes. Because that's the only kind of potatoes that Alli will eat - from a roast.

I came home a little early for lunch and put it together to cook in the oven until dinner time. It is a huge hit. I'm loving the way the roasts turn out when I cook them in the oven instead of a crock pot!

Jeff leaves tonight for Michigan, so I wanted to give him a good home cooked meal before he left. We don't know when he gets to come home again, and I was sick most of the weekend and didn't cook for him. So he will be leaving with a full belly in a bit.


alique said...

I made that roast Saturday. Conor really liked the meat and ate it. If he likes it, it has to be good.
I had mashed poatoes on the side which Alli wouldn't even try. PW's cookbook is my new treasure.

Katie said...

I know, she has so many good recipes! Between PW and Smitten Kitchen... I'm making a lot of new things.