Sunday, May 16, 2010

Strange dog...

Teddy is a very strange, different dog. One of his many strange habits is he licks chairs - the legs of the chairs that people are sitting in. He was licking the chair Ceara was sitting in last night, and I said, "Teddy, you're weird!"

So, Ceara laughs and says, "He's afraid of tongues and saliva too."

Jeff - "What do you mean by that?"

Ceara - "Watch." She sticks her tongue out and moves her face towards Teddy. He looks away like he can't bear to see it, and ducks his head under her chair. She laughs, we all do, and then he resumes licking her chair.

She does it again and he looks away and ducks his head under the chair again.

Me - "I need to get that on video to share on my blog."

Ceara - "No way am I doing that on video!"

So, I only get to tell the tale of strangeness. Maybe I'll talk her into it one day... or Alli.


Barb said...

HAHAHAHA!!! The only thing funnier about this story than the fact that Teddy licks chairs is: HOW did Ceara find out he's afraid of people's tongues??? Does she stick her tongue out at other peoples' dogs?? I'd really like to see THAT video!

Katie said...

Well, she didn't want to say at first, but she finally told me that her mom or someone told her that dogs like it when you stick your tongue out at them. She does it with her dogs and they like it and try to give her kisses or something. She has also done it to other dogs... Teddy is apparently the only dog who turns his head away!