Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Weary Traveler

Not only is Jeff leaving for Hawaii in just a few hours... but he also gets to fly first class because they didn't reserve his plane tickets until the last minute (Saturday for a Sunday flight), and that was all that was left I guess.

I have encouraged him to post some of his pictures on the blog, but being the MEGA traveler that he is, he has not had time. So, I started swiping them and will post a few here, and all on my flickr page when I get a chance.

Since I haven't really posted about it - but most of you know anyway - so far he has been to Las Vegas and Alaska for work. Hawaii is the last of the flying gigs for this project that he is scheduled for at this time. He is flying out today - Sunday, May 16th - and will not return until Tuesday, May 25th. Island hopping in Hawaii. Poor guy.

I'm so jealous, and he'd rather go back to Alaska!

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ThreadArtist said...

It was great to see him however briefly! He was really excited about Alaska and had some neat experiences there. I'm so thankful he got to go, it's been a dream for quite awhile!

Yes, I feel your pain Katie, knowing he's in the sun, surf and sand of Hawaiian beaches!! Let's all try to remember it is for WORK! Yeah, that helps! (NOT!)
love you all, Barb