Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Recap

The Christmas decorations were gone before the New Year started - for the first time ever.  We had a low-key Christmas, and a lower-key New Years.  We spent a lot of time clearing stuff out this month.  Clearing the clutter, minimizing, whatever you want to call it.  I went from 3 bins of Christmas decorations to 2 bins.  Cleaned out more clothes.  Went through a lot of stuff and just got rid of it.  Burned old documents, donated usable stuff to the Veterans, and have a box of stuff we will attempt to sell.

We had a lot of snow this year - and low, low temperatures.  Below zero and single digits for a couple of weeks.  I worked from home - no way was I getting out in that stuff.  I also got the flu - not as bad as last year, and not as bad as some others.  I was down for a week.  Jeff got it too, but his only lasted a few days.  Conor was spared the flu, but he sprained his ankle at the Y in the middle of the month.  It wasn't pretty.  It looked worse as it healed:

We celebrated Jack's birthday - the first since his passing.  Molly and I, along with our families, took food and dessert to Mom's house to be with her.  It was good to spend time together.

Jeff, Conor, and I started a Harry Potter marathon, complete with Butter Beer. However, we did not finish - we still have both of the 7th movies to watch. 

Of course Rylee's birthday was celebrated with a party as well. That's already posted. 

The very best part of the month was that Jeff got a job!  After nearly a year of part time contractor work, he started a full time job on January 29th.

2018 is off to a good start - the rest of the year is promising.  :)

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