Tuesday, November 08, 2005

By the way....

Well, just thought I would own up to the fact that I can't pick very straight boards. :( Turns out that only 3 of the 7 (2X4X8s) that I picked out were actually straight. I finally got the opportunity to ask Jack about it yesterday when he came to hang the doors on our shed. He said he figured that I forgot my glasses or something. lol

I told him that I spent a lot of time finding all those boards and that I was trying to hurry because there was someone waiting for me to get done so that they could get some off of the pile that I was inspecting. His response - "Too bad, that's their tough luck - they should have gotten there before you." Which I guess is correct, but when someone is waiting for me to finish with something so that they can access it, I tend to try to hurry.

Oh, well, our door is only a little off because of it. The other boards I haven't gotten a verdict on yet. We are almost ready to start filling it up (the shed)! I am excited. I have to lay the hard wood floor tiles that I got for it first though. :) Yeah, I am really putting that kind of floor in my shed. Why? Because I got a really good deal on it. All of the pieces do not match - I got the "last box" of a couple of boxes on the clearance rack at Sam's club. So, it will add re-enforcement to the floor, and it didn't cost as much as some other stuff that I could have used. :)

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Work Bud said...

By the way.... (get it, play on your post title...haha) Explain your phrase "Frankenstein never scared Me."???? I don't understand?

Read Dean Koontz's "Frankenstein", it's a good book series by my favorite author.