Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Trying another....

Well, the red all washed out of my hair, so I decided to try a dark brown, almost black. I did it on Saturday morning, before Jeff got home. It's fun to see how people react to it. It also is surprising because the people I think will notice, don't say anything. And the ones who I don't think will notice, notice. And it is VERY noticeable. Mostly it has been men who have noticed and commented.

Jeff was the first. No, not Allie (who was even here the day I did it AND she still hasn't said anything!) My mom was the next. I took Allie over there to spend the night and my mom noticed right away.

I went to my Grandma's for Sunday dinner and 2 of my uncles and my brother-in-law were the first to notice and say anything. They were convinced that it was a wig. They did not believe that it wasn't until the both pulled my hair for themselves.

My boss noticed (male). Our regional manager noticed (I only see him maybe once a month). I know others noticed, they just didn't say anything. Again, because they don't like it, I guess. Oh, well, I like it. Good thing, too. Because the red was a 8-10 shampoo wash out - this one is a 28 shampoo wash out. So it will be here a little longer.

As I don't really like pictures of myself - I took this strange one, just to let you see a sample. I am having fun experimenting with my hair. I don't know what color I will try next, but I will let you know! :)


Work Bud said...

With all these hair color changes recently, if I were to ever see you out and about (not that I likely would due to our geography differences)...don't hit me if I don't recognize ya! I bruise easily.

Barb said...

Hmmmmm,.... first of all I'm disappointed not to see your WHOLE face! And I think I miss the sassy redhead! But it's a nice color and your hair is always beautiful!

love ya,

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go "punk" - why not try pink or green?