Friday, November 11, 2005

New Links

I have added some links on the side of some of my favorite blogs to read. If you have some time - take a look at them. The Daily Rant is a great and funny blog to read. She posts some of the most amazing pictures. Check out her archives, particularly September. Scroll to the bottom and go up - there are some beautiful pictures of Alaska. She is a traveling woman - riding across the country in an 18 wheeler, taking beautiful pictures and telling funny stories. She has been helping me figure stuff out about how to post some of the the links and the guest map thingy.

I also have Poop and Boogies. This one is written about being a parent - the father's side of it. He is very funny, some of the things that go through his head are hilarious! The title of the blog is explained in his profile. :)

I have a few others that I like to read, and I will post them eventually, but I didn't want to overwhelm you! And - I don't want you to stop reading mine to catch up on all the great ones that I post for you! hee hee. :)



Work Bud said...

Yippie! I like Poop and Boogies too!
(now that's a sentence I never thought I'd say).

The Daily Rant said...


Thanks so much for linking me and for writing this little post about my blog. SO nice of you!

I have been in Arizona for the past few weeks visiting my parents so there isn't too much going on. As I think the southwest is one of the ugliest places I have EVER been, there isn't much in my opinion to take pictures of. Maybe I'll venture out and take a few shots just to prove I was here!

Hope you have a great holiday with the kids and your family!