Friday, May 16, 2008


I really don't like that word. I have to think too much about it to spell it. It should be spelled kindergarden - why does it have to be a T? There is no t sound in the word when you say it. BAH!

Anyway, Conor is now officially signed up to begin kindergarten in the fall when school starts. We had registration Thursday - which used to include testing as well, so I scheduled the day off. Then I found out that there wasn't going to be any testing - new thing this year is that they do that right before school starts in August some time. So... Conor didn't even have to go.

I could have worked anyway because the registration lasted until like 7 or 7:30PM - but I chose to keep the day off. Just because I wanted to. Conor ended up going to Cindy's (his baby sitter's house) because he just HAD to - he had bought a ring for Carly and he HAD to give it to her.

I took him to drop him off at Cindy's and he gave Carly her ring and all the other kids immediately said, "What did you bring for me?"

Ashley, who calls Conor her boyfriend, asked where hers was, so Conor explained that it cost a whole $.25 and he couldn't afford more than the one he got for Carly. So then he sat down next to Carly and Ashley asked to sit on his lap. Ahhh the girls.

So I left at that point and went home to be a bum. Jeff and I took him to the school to register him later in the day. Even though he didn't have to be there, we wanted him to go to see what the school was like.

When we got there Conor was excited and wondered if Carly would be at the same school. It seems he doesn't understand that she goes to school in a different district. We went in and filled out the paperwork and afterwards went to see what the classrooms looked like. They were all locked, so we could only look through the doors until the janitor walked by and let us go in and look around in one.

The classroom was full of color and fun - beanbag chairs, a wall of computers, the alphabet on puppets, little mail slots for their papers, a small aquarium with cocoons turning into butterflies. Conor loved it. He is very excited to start school.

We also saw a flyer for soccer on one of the walls, so we are going to be signing him up to play soccer in the fall.

My baby boy is going to school soon. I hope he loves it and does well.


Barb said...

He will love it.
He will do well.
He will run the place!

The Daily Rant said...


Good point on the Christmas Light thing - the people who leave them up until their children (or whomever) return from Iraq. I guess I can understand that reason. But the sheer laziness thing - ahhhhhhhhhh! Especially the lights that look like icicles hanging from the house - when they aren't on, it just looks like a big mess of white wires. Tacky.

As for Truths and Half Truths - I'm checking it out now. Never heard of it before and am interested that he lives on PEI.

My trip to Canada was great - the weather this time of year was eh, with in and out sunshine, but I got some other decent pictures, so make sure to check back in as I'll be posting them in the next week or so....

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!!!

~ Salena