Monday, May 05, 2008

Two months without posting!

Yes, I know I've been a slacker. Each time I have opened my blog in an attempt to post something, I have been distracted. By what? The blogs I have linked on my side bar to the right. The newest edition - Pioneer Woman - has me addicted. I still haven't read all her entries, but I'm trying to! If you have NOT read her site, I suggest you go on over right now and check her out. Funny, interesting stories. Contests (with prizes). Photography (at some point I will reload Photoshop on my computer and try all this out!). Cooking. Home and garden. Even if you know how to cook, her cooking site is excellent. The pictures of what she is doing step by step are amazing.

I also had some computer problems and had to re-image my computer. Thus losing all my pictures (I did, however, back them up) and all my programs (Photoshop, Office) and I have yet to reload them.

I did take some time last night and uploaded some pictures that I have taken recently and will be posting all of them below this post (several posts). So, scroll down. If you don't see any new pictures, then you've come too soon and I'm still working on it! I do have to do some work as well ya know. :)

OH! And *ahem* I will be back dating them so it will appear that I didn't skip two months of posting. HEY! It's my blog and I can do that. So, ha!

Like my nephew's birthday party on 03/29/08. It will look like I actually posted the pictures on that day! heehee

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Barb said...

Yes, now I'm totally hooked on PW's blog! I spend many many minutes on the computer each day trying to enter all the contests and read all the new stuff and buying her dishes (now that there's a craze they are really pricey on eBay!). I think if I spent just a little more time I could catch up on all the archives that she still has posted!! Thanks again Katie... yeah, a lot!