Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Being typical teenage girls (uhhh, wait. I don't remember doing any of this when I was a teenager! oh, yeah, no digital cameras then...), Allie and Ceara like to take pictures of themselves. Either via a mirror reflection, or holding the camera at arms length to take the shot.

And now they've started to include Conor. He loves to take pictures and will get my camera and take various strange pictures of things and people. I usually just delete them though - thank goodness for digital cameras!

And oh, my... Gage too. Sheesh. Peace, dude.

Any thoughts on what he could possibly be thinking?

This totally cracks me up.

Ceara looks to me like she is about to roll her eyes at Allie and Chrissy - but I know better. She poses too. I just don't have those downloaded to my computer yet!

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Barb said...

What a fun bunch of pics. Can't wait for the girls to see these again in about 10 years!! (They'll wonder why every picture of them shows their lips looking like a turkey butt!)

(ok, that was mean)