Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Kids

I haven't been taking many pictures, and I need to correct that because I need to post more pictures! My posts have been long, rambling, boring posts. So, to break it up a bit, I found a couple of pictures that I don't think I have shared with you.

The first one is of Ceara and Conor. Can't tell they are related, can you? This was in the summer when they were both sporting nice tans.

And here is Allie and her best friend, Chrissy. They look like they are related too, but they are not. Allie has a knack for finding friends who look like her.

I will try to take more pictures to post!


barb said...

Gosh, what gorgous kids! Where did you find them, in a catalog??

Naomi said...

YAY! NEW PICTURES!! I LOVE NEW PICTURES. They are nice shots too and the kids are very beautiful. Alli has such gorgeous eyes. Conor doing the peace symbol ... that is too funny.