Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Project

We are doing a Clean Sweep on Conor's room today. And by we, I mean me. ;) It is amazing (and embarrassing) how much stuff was in his room. Conor has helped me to move it all into the living room. We did not sort, we did not neatly stack things, we simply went in his room and got an armful of stuff and took it and placed it in a pile on the living room floor. All of it. In drawers, in the closet, on the floor, on the shelves. Everything. Except for his actual clothes which I will go through after we are done with the toys.

Here is what my living room looks like right now.

Yikes! Everything except for his clothes and bed. We are just going to go through it, one piece at a time and decide "keep" or "get rid of" and will be donating the get rid of pile to someone. A local woman's shelter will probably get the majority of it. And Amvets - they happened to call yesterday and are doing a pick up in our area later this month. And possibly a couple of others.

At least 75% of this stuff will not be going back into his room.

Wish me luck. I need it, I'm running out of steam as I type this.


barb said...

You can do it Katie!! Keep going and don't stop till it's finished!! Don't be swayed by tears (yours), don't give in to temptation to haul it all back just to reclaim your living room! Go! Go! Go! YaYYYYYY Katie!!

(I have to do the same to my garage, will you give me the same pep talk when I do??)

Katie said...

LOL!! Yeah, I will. But, ummmm. I kinda took a break and, ummmm... didn't get done. I am thinking tomorrow will be a better day for it. :)

mattells said...

Wow! That is ambitious. Good luck! We totally need to do that. Heck, *I* need to do that in my computer room/office. Pretty sure we don't need 427 USB cables, but what if one breaks?!?!

Naomi said...

Then you will have 426? :D

Good Job Katie!