Monday, March 02, 2009


I love coffee. I love cappuccino, mocha, espressos. French Vanilla, Caramel, White Mocha. Mmmmmm.

I also love coffee mugs. Not your normal, every day ones, but colorful and unusual ones. It's kinda the only collection I have. I don't do nick knacks. Or other things that people collect. But I do love coffee cups/mugs/whatever you call them.

Here are some examples:

I have this painting hanging in my kitchen. I bought it at the Cafe-a-go-go before they closed their doors and broke my heart. I still miss that daily coffee! I've never been able to replicate it!

Here are some of my mugs. The one in the middle was given to me by Naomi for Christmas. There is a set of them, as well as plates to match.
The one on the left we got as a reminder of our trip to New Orleans many years ago. I want to go back there someday!
Here are my more unusual ones. The one on the left in the front there is another one from New Orleans. I love it! The two with the crazy colors and the balls for the base? Those were a gift to me from a coworker. They were an out of the blue, gift sitting on my desk when I arrived one day. It was not a holiday or my birthday so I didn't know what it was for. She bought them because she knew I wanted them. We had gone shopping during lunch one day and she saw me admiring them. I don't buy many things for myself (and they were a little pricey for a cup anyway) so she bought them for me. Totally made my day. There are dots on the inside of them too, you can see that in a second.

This is another one that I admired for many months before breaking down and buying it for myself. I couldn't not have it... it is beautiful. And those bricks on it? You can feel the texture of them in the cup.
As for the handles you see, those are the handles of measuring spoons...

Coffee measuring spoons. And they have little hooks to hang them up, but I haven't done that yet. Maybe some day...

And finally, the mug on the right is my coffee cup each day. Hee hee. Not really. It is a planter I found over the weekend that I fell in love with! Beside it is one of the mugs from my cabinet - so that you can see the size difference. And you can see the dots on the inside of that cup.
I bought the planter to transfer a plant that was given to me when my brother died. It has been on my table for 2 1/2 years in the same little plastic planter that it came in. I saw this one and I had to get it.
I transferred the peace lily plant yesterday, but I didn't get any pictures of it. I was too busy working on that mess you see in the picture below.
I would have after pictures of my living room without the mess in it... but, ummm. I'm not quite done yet. Hey! It was a bit harder than I thought. I have made progress, and it will be done no later than Thursday. I have other things I'm working on as well. Laundry. And I have to feed the kids and dog. Which makes dishes to do.
Plus, I need someone who does not remember when he got certain toys, and who gave them to him... heck he was having an easier time saying "get rid of" than I was.
Ugh. Where are those Clean Sweep people when you need them?


Katie said...

I would just like to say... Blogger is FRUSTRATING me! It will not let me properly space my paragraphs. I have tried 5 times and it keeps going back to squishing them together. I give up. I don't have the time or energy to fight with Blogger today. Grrrrrr!

u2bwb said...

Just one question about this post:

"Posted by Just Another Mom at 4:29 AM"

Really? 4:29 AM? That is sooo un-Katie like! haha

Katie said...

HA! Shows what you know. I've stayed up until 5am before. But if you're talking about WAKING up that early, then yeah, you're right!

Blogger dates a post when you start it. I started it, and then finished it, then just saved it to post it today. So, when I posted it today, it had yesterday's date, and since I didn't post it yesterday, I didn't want it to have yesterday's date because I finished it today and .. blah blah

I changed the date, but since it would have posted at: 4:29 PM instead of when I pushed "publish post", I simply changed that PM to AM...


Naomi said...

Wow! That's a lot of switching and stuff.

I love your mug collection. They are so beautiful. Especially the one with the little spoons next to it. I like those bunches too. Of course you know that since you said this, everyone on the planet will be getting you mugs now! Then you will have a big pile of them in your living room and have to get Conor to tell you which ones to get rid of! HA HA. Just kidding.

I think you took on a big project for the weekend and it isn't easy to get all of that done in a weekend, even without kids and a job! So, if anyone wants to judge you for it, they can come and talk to me! You should be proud of your accomplishment!

Oh and as for the 4:29 part, yeah, I'm a night owl too. It's when the house is quiet and I get the most done! So, I get it!

Katie said...

Holy comments, Naomi! LOL! I enjoyed reading them all though.

And it seems Conor is better at getting rid of his toys than I am. *sigh* I need to get this sentimental bone adjusted... Or some of them removed. I seem to have too many for one person.

And yeah... still not done. =\

Anonymous said...

Jeff said...

Where's the one I just got you?

barb said...

What a fun blog! I loved seeing the neat pics you took, good job! I've always loved mugs too and have had to finally part with a few because they just don't fit into the cabinets any more!! Yeah, I'm a sentimental slob too. It's just awful, isn't it? But sure fun!!

barb said...

p.s. oh yes, Blogger does the same to me, it's maddening to get everything looking just right and then "they" either squish it all together or make it so spacy that everybody thinks your're done after the first paragraph!