Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cast your vote! What's your favorite hair color?

OK, I told Alli I was going to do this. I'm going to try to get as many votes as I can. Please pick what your favorite hair color is for her:

Natural blond:

(She's the one on the left, in case you don't know her!) Of course, the pictures would turn out better if they cleaned the mirror they were taking the picture in!

Another natural blond, since the first one is a bit blurry.

Here is her school picture for this year (by Lifetouch) where it is blond on top, dark underneath. Not her natural blond, but still blond.
Here is brown:
And another brown, although it looks a bit light due to the sunlight.
And black:

(The one in the middle below, if you can't figure that out by now! :))

Some people already know which one I don't like. But I will not try to sway you one way or the other. Vote for the one you think looks best, because her friends tell her the one I hate looks the best and she won't believe me when I tell her they are lying! :)
Just please... click on the comment below and cast your vote. And please put your name somewhere in the post if you choose anonymous so she knows who is voting.


Terry said...

Hey Katie, I like the brown, I think it makes her look mature, lol. not sure which color you dont like, but brown is my vote lol.. love ya chicka, ttyl.


Phyllis said...

Hey Katie, I like the brown in the picture with the Wildcat shirt and the one directly below (another brown) Her hair matches her eyebrows. That is important when accessorizing...... hahaha
love Phyllis

Mayo said...

My first choice is the natural blonde, but the brown is a close second. Both look really good on her. I do not care for the black at all.
Just my humble opinion :)

Mom said...

The natural blonde is my 1st choice, of course, although I don't think the pictures you chose are the real natural before she started messing with it. The light brown with blonde highlights, I like too. The bit@h black washes her out and makes her look ghostly in the face. I hate it and wish she would realize that her friends only like it cause it makes THEM look better than her. She'll figure it out someday I hope.(My opinion probably doesn't count either) Still love her unconditionaly.

Anonymous said...

This is Cheryl. I like the blonde colors best, although the brown looks nice. The black makes her look pasty-faced and makes her cheeks look bigger and chubbier than they are. She has a very pretty face and gorgeous eyes but the softer colors suit her best.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I like the natural blonde best and the light brown and brown second and third best.
I used to be very blonde and the more I messed with my color the less blonde I was...and now I really miss my old color...Angela from V-ball.

Debra said...

First choice is blonde. Second brown.

mattells said...

In order:
1. Blonde
2. Brown
3. Black

Actually, black doesn't even make the list. No go.

Misty said...

I have to say that I like her natural color the most!

Barb said...

Seems to me that in spite of whatever color her hair is, she's a really pretty girl!!

I do like the black hair, it does have a lot of shine to it even if it does make her look pale. Of course that's not a bad thing in this day of vampires, etc.

Also, I think that guys notice a tall, silky blonde way before they do a dark haired girl. So,in an effort to keep the guys at bay even the tiniest bit...keep the black hair! (Maybe her friends know that too?)

Judy R. said...

I like the light brown with the blonde highlights. Her picture with the light brown looks better than the blonde pictures. I really do not like the black.

Jodi said...

Hi! My vote is:

Natural Blonde

I don't like the black at all.

Good luck and Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

I like her hair in her school picture - blonde with brown underneath.

Dave W. said...

The natural blonde are great photos! No Black.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Why do girls with gorgeous naturally blonde hair always want to do this? I've been through it with my daughter. Brown if she must have a change, blonde if possible, but no black!