Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Hayley - Conor Exhibit Man Cave Series Premiere

Hayley - Conor Exhibit

Meet Conor and Hayley - two young up and coming artists

The two artists prepare their work

the medium

Conor prepares yellow

Hayley prepares green

Hayley mixing blue

Hayley working with red

"Dragon Andromeda"
Conor -artist

"Phoenix Arises"
Conor -artist

"Mardi Gras Finale"
Hayley -artist

"Terrapin Holiday"
Conor -artist

"Pumpkin Metamorphosis"
Conor -artist

"Frolicking Otters"
Jeff -artist

Jeff prepares the red


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Barb/Mom said...

And a messy good time was had by all!! Sorry about the "oops", looks painful.