Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Dangers of a wandering mind...

Towards the end of the work day, there were only 2 people left with keys to the office - Jean and me. Since Jean leaves RIGHT AT 5 and I usually leave a few minutes after, I decided I should actually find my key to make sure I had it. I looked through my purse and found it, and went back to work.

Five o'clock rolled around, I finished up and started shutting down and getting my things ready to leave. I called my aunt to talk to her about a couple of things and finished packing up. I then realized that I had packed my key up somewhere while talking to her. I didn't know where... so I had to search through my purse again, and then through my laptop case - where I finally found it.

I continued talking to her as I put in the security code and locked the door. I got into my car and sat there, searching through my purse and pockets thinking, "Did I leave it on my desk?!?!" I spent 5 minutes looking for it.

Then I realized... the it I was looking for? My cell phone. That I was talking on.

I closed my eyes and just thought... OMG I can't believe I did that! I shared with my aunt so she could laugh at me too. She just said, "You better really concentrate while driving home, you might forget where you are going!"

Ugh. It's just one of those nights. My mind is elsewhere. I did make it home though!

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Barb said...

LOLOL!! I've heard of that happening to others!! Now that I have a cell phone, I'm wondering how long it will be before it happens to me! You need a nap, Katie!

love you!