Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sara's BIrthday Bowling Party

This is Sara. She's going to be 18 years old in just 2 more days! She's been living with us for a little while now, and fits right in. It's just a temporary thing, though she is welcome any time.

We won't get into the whys - she needed us, and we are happy to have her here. :)

We were invited to a bowling party to celebrate her birthday by Sarah (the one in green below, not to be confused with Sara), who she will be living with soon. This was the first time I met Sarah - and I liked her instantly. She is wonderful and loves Sara very much.

Sarah got her a beautiful open heart necklace and ring. And some boots, too.

We interrupt this present opening to ask, "Can I have a dollar?"

Conor was getting into winning tickets to get some prizes. Back to the present opening...

She got a furry white bath robe, too.
And some perfume. She also got some cloths, gas card, a body wash set, and some fragrant trees for her car (air fresheners).
Think she's having a hard time smelling it and needs to put it up her nose?
I really, really need a dollar!

A virgin Strawberry Daiquiri for the occasion, compliments of her Uncle Rob. Three more years until the real thing can be had!

Alli, Sara, and Sierra:

Sara and Alli:
Sara and Kelly:

Sara and Sarah:
Sara and Hailey:
Sara and Tanner:
Sara and Sarah were having some sort of show down on the bowling lanes... careful with those balls, girls!

Look at that form!

I think Sara was trying to distract him so he wouldn't beat her score.
And just look at THAT form - granny shot!
Seemed to work for her sometimes!
Alli tried the granny shot as well.

Her cake:
Sarah told me that her grandma had made a wonderful home made angel food cake for Sara for her birthday, but that her son accidentally knocked into it and ruined it. So Kelly saved the day by making this one!

She's not quite to the age where she will need a fire extinguisher... but it's getting close!

She cut and served the cake,

then it was time for the birthday spanking! She tried to resist, but resistance is futile!
She got her 18 smacks, and one to grow on!
Every person at the party loves her very much, it's hard not to. She is a great kid, who is almost officially an adult! I have no doubt she is going to be successful as an adult as well.
Happy Birthday, Sara! We love you!

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Barb said...

Wonderful pics, wonderful party and wonderful memories for all of you! Congratulations on turning 18 Sara!! You are fortunate to have so many people who love you!