Saturday, November 21, 2009


Barb wants to see pictures of my new hair color... but honestly it doesn't even look red in the pictures. In the first one, with the flash used, it looks really dark! This was when my hair was up.

I took the flash off and took it down... messed it up a bit, and this is what it looked like:

Yes, I do have a lot of hair. Very thick, unruly hair! Smoothed it out a bit with my fingers...

And yes, they are all blurry. My hand shakes, dang it!

I blame all the cakes I've made. Here you can see the back in the mirror.

It really looks redder in person!
Who knows how long until I delete this post. It's like listening to my own voice on my answering machine. It makes me cringe and hit the delete button as quickly as I can!

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Barb said...

WooHOOOO!! I like it!! I wish I were younger and not so gray and I might try that shade!! Pretty Katie!!