Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Being Funky, Funkifying, ect

I won a one year BeFunky from Jenn over at Juggling Life!!!  So funky pictures are incoming!  As soon as I get done with all the moving and can sit down at the computer to play with some pictures!  

I'm so excited to play with it!  Thank you, Jenn!!  :)

Speaking of moving... it is a PAIN!  I was cleaning at the new house last night and got a splinter deeply embedded in my finger.  Of course it is in my right index finger, and I'm right handed, so I was unable to remove it after several attempts with my left hand.  My mom tried as well, but was also unsuccessful - so I'm trying to use some Ichthammol Ointment - aka drawing salve.  It is like black tar and it stinks!  But if it works, I"ll be happy!  Mom had some at her house, then I went to CVS this morning and got myself a tube as well.  According to the people on Amazon who reviewed it, it should work.  I'll just have a stinky finger for a little bit. 

Now I"m off to do some more packing / moving.  I took a nap tonight and slept way too long.  It was too hot to work in the garage, so I'm going to do it now - at night. 

Have a good week!  :)


Mayo said...

Your title made me chuckle, thank goodness it wasn't a post about body odor...haha

Katie said...

Since when does funky mean body odor?!?! lol