Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy Birthday, Barb! (belated post)

As I mentioned before, we had Barb's birthday party at the house we are moving to.  Jeff made one of his new concoctions - Chicken, peppers (red, yellow, orange and green), water chestnuts, pineapple and seasonings put into aluminum foil and cooked it over an open flame.  It turned out pretty good.  We also had a fruit tray, fruit dip, water melon, cantaloupe and ... was there something else?  Is my memory THAT bad? 

It was a little bit hot out, but not too awful.  We were able to sit out on the deck and eat. 

Ceara had gone to a wedding earlier in the day, and she looked beautiful in her dress. 

I was taking pictures with my camera, Barb's camera, and Barb's cell phone so she could send pictures along to Naomi and Mindy (her daughters, for those who don't know) because they both live out of state and were not able to come to the party. 

Jeff and Conor made her a humming bird out of wood - I do not do a lot of free-hand drawing, but I did draw the bird with the flower from a picture Jeff found on the internet. 

It didn't turn out too bad, and I modeled the cake after the one they made.  Of course we had to have chocolate, too.  What's a birthday party without chocolate cake? 

Not really a birthday party at all if you ask me.  Or any of the other people there as well... pretty much all chocolate lovers.  I'm not as big of a chocolate lover as the rest of them, but that chocolate cake is sooooo good, if I do say so myself.  Hey, it's not like I'm taking credit for writing the recipe - I just follow it and the result is always amazing. 

Barb's birthday is actually on the 22nd, but that was a Thursday, so we had the party on a Saturday.  We declared it her birthday week, and she continued to celebrate after our party as well.  Spending time with friends - going out to lunch and to the movies... 

Happy Birthday!!  We love you!! 


Barb said...

I love all of you too, Katie! It was a wonderful party! The food was SO good. Everything served so fresh and beautifully arranged. Jeff did a super job of cooking, it was perfect and something different and interesting. My gift (and gift card!)was so thoughtful and beautifully done by all of you. The cakes were scrumptious as always!! Sitting in the "birthday chair" made me feel really special. All of you worked so hard when it was too hot and at an inconvenient time (your surgery, the move, etc.) yet you even took time to decorate the deck and pick up Jim and Ceara, too. It was just a lovely birthday party and one I'll remember a long time! Thanks again, so much! Missed you, Alli!!

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