Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Re-cap

The final day of July brings me getting ready for a party we are throwing for some friends.  It will be good to finish this not-so-great-month with laughter.  There are a lot of things that have happened this month that I did not blog about. 

The first thing being my grandma.  At the beginning of this month - July 2nd - she was in the woods clearing a fallen tree when she fell and broke her hip.  My uncle was with her and took her to the hospital.  I've written a few posts about my grandma, but no where near as many as I could.  She is such an amazing person - I love and admire her so much!  One day soon I will tell you more about her.  She had to have hip replacement surgery on July 3rd - my birthday.  She made it through the surgery, thank God, and is still in therapy.  She is doing well, though. 

Then I had my surgery - and a horribly painful recovery.  I am so glad the worst of that is over.  I went for my follow up yesterday and he said I"m 99% healed.  And the mass they removed was benign - a result of chronic infections - so that is good news.  :)

Then Allie wrecked my car on her way home from work.  As a result of that there were frustrating dealings with my insurance company and searching for another vehicle.  It all got settled in the last two days.  I got another car on Thursday night and settled the insurance Friday. 

One of the bunnies Allie brought home from school for the summer had babies - 6 of them!  So we now have 2 adult bunnies, 6 babies, and one Chinchilla.  Anyone want a baby bunny?  They are really cute, I'll share pictures soon!  They will all go back to the school soon - less than a month - and we will be back to just a one dog family.  :) 

In the mist of all of this we are trying to pack and move, sell a lot of our bigger items on Craig's list, and get ready for a garage sale too.  We had to find someone to move our shed - that was a little stressful, but turned out great after it was done. 

We also had several parties.  One for my birthday, one for Allie's birthday, and one for Barb's birthday.  Then the one today!  Yes, I do have pictures to share, but haven't had the time to do it.  Yes, I could be doing that now instead of this post, but it's so much easier to just write instead of editing pictures and posting them! 

So, it has been quite the busy month here.  I'm hoping for a much calmer, quieter August. 

Now I have to get started on the desserts for the party!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


Barb said...

Lots of resolutions of problems here! I'm so glad about the shed and the new car (what did you get??) and the insurance working out for you! Everybody is on the mend and the move is going to be over soon......ahhh normalcy! Nothing like the blessing of a dull day, huh? I hope your party is wonderful and that they enjoy their fantastic dinner!! Have fun!!

p.s. uhhh no thanks on the bunny, I have several in the back yard that think they "let me live here"!!

Katie said...

I got a Kia Sedona - I went to get a Jeep but they sold it before I got there and I just picked one out at the last minute. Mostly because it was 8:50 and they closed at 9 and I needed a car. But I really like it, it is used and in pretty good shape. Conor absolutely adores it. I will post pictures or something soon. :)