Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Almost four days after having my tonsils removed

As I sit here at 3am, waiting for the pain medicine to kick in, I feel like a chewin' tobacco user because I'm dragging around a spit cup. No, I haven't taken up putting tobacco in my mouth and spitting in a cup, but because it HURTS SO BAD TO SWALLOW that I would rather spit in a cup than swallow it. I have to hold my ears every time I do swallow because swallowing causes extreme pain in my ears as well. It is like this every time I wake up - I have to relearn to swallow - it does get a little less painful the more I do it.

Now I have to go back to sleep and start all over in approximately 4 more hours. That is my sleep schedule since the surgery - 4 hour increments. As I don't particularly like taking pain pills, I try not to take them every 4 hours and I substitute Ibuprofen some of the time.

I know I was warned, but I didn't think the pain would be this bad.


Barb said...

Oh Katie, I am SO sorry. The pain meds are for you to use during this most difficult time so don't worry about taking it. I know it's not a habit you want to develop and you won't, so take it if it helps.

Thoughts and prayers,

Mayo said...

Feel better fast K!
And if you got the pain meds = use them! They were created to ease human suffering, so don't suffer if you don't have too! :)
Take care of yourself, have C feed you lots of ice cream & jello (I'm sure he'll happily dish himself up some too while he's getting yours ready...haha)!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have heard that this so much worse as an adult. I hope you get through it okay.