Wednesday, July 21, 2010

About Mel Gibson

I may be blasted for this opinion, but... I'm still going to post it!  I will say I have NOT listened to any of the audio, nor have I read many articles about it.  Why not?  Because the people writing those articles have no idea what is going on in his personal life.  They do not live with him, they do not know him personally, they are speculating.  And that audio?  I'm sure that whatever it is, it is only a portion of the conversation.  Who knows what the person recording it was saying to him to get him to say what he was saying.  People do make mistakes, and when you are emotional you can SAY a lot of things that you don't really mean - out of frustration and anger.  From what little I have read - headlines, small blurbs - this is a girlfriend trying to keep him from seeing his child?  Or use the child  to get money from him?  I don't know. 

People may think that I'm naive, but I don't assume the worst in people based on people feeding stuff to the media.  Who knows what was edited out?  His ex-wife, who probably has more reason to resent him than anyone, is sticking up for him.  Knee jerk reactions... people need to not jump to conclusions when they do not have all the facts.  And unless you know these people personally, you do not have all the facts.  Not only that, but it is not my place to judge him.  He is an entertainer, I like his movies.  That's the only opinion I have about Mel Gibson.  The rest is not for me to determine.

Just my thoughts and opinion. 

Another knee-jerk reaction?  Forcing someone to resign based on an edited video from 24 years ago posted on the Internet!  You would think that they would do a LITTLE more research into it before asking someone to leave their job. 

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