Friday, July 23, 2010

The call you don't want to get

A little after midnight I got a call from Alli - crying, telling me she was in an accident.  On her way home from work, an animal ran in front of her and she swerved.  She ran into a parked car.  She was driving my car since I have been banned from driving for 2 weeks because of my surgery.  Although I'm OK to drive, I haven't needed to. 

Both air bags deployed, but she is OK.  That is the most important thing, and I thank God for that.  The car is replaceable, she is not.  I also appreciate the two policemen who responded to the crash for their kindness and patience.  They were very nice, explained everything, answered all of my questions and made sure Alli was OK and understood what to expect when she goes to court. 

There were also two guys who stood outside their houses and as we left they called out, "Glad you're OK honey," to Alli.  The car she hit was that of her friend's uncle - who is currently on vacation somewhere. 

I haven't called my insurance company yet, I think I'll just wait until tomorrow to deal with that.

Update to add pictures:

My car:

The air bags:

The other car - the blue one in front of the Jeep:

I went to the tow yard to take the pictures of my car - one thing that bothers me is that the car is sitting there, unlocked, for anyone to take anything out of it.  I took stuff from it and no one ever came out to see what I was doing.  I realized that I need to go back because I forgot to empty the glove compartment and the console in the middle of the seats.  I don't know what is in there, but I do know there is stuff in there.  I won't get the word on whether it will be totaled until Monday or Tuesday. 


Deb said...

I'm so glad she was fine!

Anonymous said...

Glad she wasn't hurt. Definitely a scary experience with your first accident. I remember hitting a deer in a little Ford Escort when I was 16. Totaled the front end, but the deer just hit the front of the car, slid up the windshield, then got up and ran away. Sheriff even doubted my story I hit a deer since there was so much damage and no deer around, but luckily they found fur in the radiator to "prove my innocence"...haha

Mayo said...

Oops, the deer post was mine, got click happy.

Nana said...

Oh my gosh I am in shock!! Alli, I am so thankful you are all right!! It's just awful how quickly things can change when you are behind the wheel of a car. I'm so sorry this happened to you but so glad you are not hurt! Mindy had the same thing happen to her once and it is just the most stunning thing, you are fine one minuted and the next you have photos like these! You can be ready for a big ol' hug when I see you next!

Mrs. G. said...

I'm so glad she's OK. Especially from the look of your car!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

How scary for both of you! I'm so relieved she's okay.

My daughter has her permit and we were driving in L.A. (on Sepulveda of all places) when a squirrel ran in front of the car. She was saying "What do I do?!" and I was saying, "You hit it. Do NOT swerve!" Luckily the squirrel just went under the car, but it was a good lesson.