Sunday, July 18, 2010

I thought I was through with these posts!

Today was a pretty good day - after a pretty slow start this morning, I was lying in bed and decided to do a mind over matter thing and get up and DO stuff.  So.  We sold Conor's bed so we went out to the garage to get it all ready.  After that we went to our other house, watered plants, cleaned a bit, then went home because I felt I needed to rest.  I took a small nap - my sister came by and it woke me up, so we discussed dinner.  Now, today is the first day I have eaten anything solid for a while.  Over the week I did try to eat a few things with very unsuccessful results.  I could eat a 1/4 of a sandwich if I tried - then my mouth and jaw would start hurting and my throat wouldn't be able to take anymore.

So, we got Cracker Barrel - I got mashed potatoes and dumplings.  The mashed potatoes didn't taste right to me, but I'm expecting food not to taste right for a while.  The dumplings were good, though, so I ate maybe 1/2 of those and a biscuit.  It wasn't a horrible experience - getting better at swallowing. 

I was so sure it was getting better!  I went to bed and didn't take a pain killer.  That was a mistake, I woke up about 1AM in pain so I took one and went back to sleep.  Around 2:30 I woke up - sorry for the grossness - and threw up... a lot.  It hurt.  So. Bad.  I made it to the trashcan for the first couple of times, and then ran into the bathroom for the rest.  I was at the sink rinsing my mouth out, and I started getting dry heaves.  Jeff came in the bathroom and wanted to help, but couldn't do anything to help.  I was rinsing my mouth out, tears streaming down my face, I asked, "Why is this happening?!" and in my head I heard the response of a friend of mine "Because of your behavior yo" - and I also thought that Jeff would say it too, because it's just a thing we do... from this skit on Saturday Night Live.

Around the 4 minute mark - that is the part I am referring to right now, but there are a lot of times that different parts of this skit are brought up in conversations.  It's funny, to us at least. 

So, I managed to stop the heaves - I brushed my teeth twice trying to rid my mouth of the taste.  Jeff got me some Sierra Mist to drink, at my request, thinking it would help settle my stomach.  I took a drink and it burned the hell out of my throat.  So now I'm relaxing with a glass of chocolate milk, making sure it's all over before I lay down again.  I'm afraid to take another pain killer - I'm not sure if I threw the other one up or not, and I don't want to take another one so soon after that last one... I think I'll just take some Ibuprofen.  So, I had a horrible ending to a pretty good day.  The best day so far during the recovery was capped by the worst night so far during the recovery!  I'm almost afraid to hope for better tomorrow!  I don't know if I should report this to the doctor or not - my throat was bleeding, so I don't know if that's OK or not.  I pray this does not cause a setback!

Sorry if I grossed you out - just documenting the recovery! 


Barb said...

Poor Katie!!! Small comfort I know but gosh, what a time you've had!! I am so sorry!!

Yes, at least call the dr. and let them know what happened and watch the bleeding, if it is bright red and a bunch of it, please report that!

Sooo sorry, Kid!

Anonymous said...

Yeah this ain't olden times!