Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cool Art

So after all my travels recently, I have been exploring new art...well, new to me.
I have seen some Native art in Alaska and Hawai'i as well as Oaxacan art in the San Diego International Airport (a temporary display called "Hecho en México: Mexican Folk Art").
There are so many things I could describe but pictures are better sometimes.

Artist: Armando Jimenez
Artist: Armando Jimenez
Tundra Medicine Dreams
University of Alaska
Artist:Denise Wallace
Artist: Susan M. Dailey
I found this awesome pattern and Conor and I made this penguin with all these influences in mind. We will be painting the wolves soon!

The Yup'ik/ Oaxacan Penguin by Jeff and Conor

Welcome to the Woodshop

Conor and Gage making Wolves

"It's going to be a this grrrr!"

A satisfied customer - Happy Birthday Allie

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Mimi said...

Very cool penguin!! I know she loves it. Good work.