Monday, May 02, 2011

Going back in time... Easter 2011

The Saturday before Easter, Ceara, Conor, and Gage colored eggs.  Molly doesn't like to do them, so she sent Gage to our house to do it - she said it is our Easter tradition that I color eggs with the kids.

They each did 6 eggs - Ceara liked decorating hers as well as coloring them.  The boys didn't care so much about the stickers and decorations. 

The Easter Bunny left baskets for each of the kids - remembering that Ceara doesn't like milk chocolate (I think Jeff kept all of those genes), she got a white chocolate bunny.  And yes, she did get a razor as well - she asked for it!

Conor got some toys along with his candy.

And Alli got a couple of books. 

Then it was off to Grandma's for the once-a-year breakfast that I love and Easter egg hunting. 

One of these years the adults are going to let the kids just hunt instead of helping them... OK, probably not, but it would be interesting. 

It was rainy so the eggs were hidden near the driveway so as not to get so muddy. 

We may well be there for hours if we relied on the kids to find them themselves. 

They can't seem to see the colorful eggs even when they are right in front of them. 

 We could see the pink egg from where we were standing, yet Conor could not.  He eventually found it though. 

All of the eggs were found eventually.

Then it was time to go inside and count the money inside. 

The eggs at Grandma's house always have money in them.  It's a tradition.  ;) 

After the egg hunt at Grandma's, we go to Mimi's (my mom's) where they have a scavenger hunt. 

They have to fine a certain amount of eggs of each color.

Once you have the designated colors and amounts, you were done and could help the others. 

 Then you got to check out the contents - candy and a couple of them have dollars. 

That evening Jeff, Conor, and I went out to the mancave and listened to an iTunes story that Jeff had found to teach Conor what the real meaning of Easter is - the ressurection of Christ.  It lasted about 25-30 minutes and Conor listened intently.  When it was over, he asked many questions and we sat and talked for almost an hour. 

I must say, he is a very intelligent boy.  Yes, I know he is mine and I'm biased, but he surprised me.  He does now know that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are both roles played by his parents, but he also knows why.  Because he asked.  Those aren't the only questions he asked - he asked about Jesus, religion, and a lot of other things that an 8 year old wouldn't normally ask about.  We were honest with him, and I was very grateful for Jeff. 

Despite my ability to take a test online and score a higher IQ number than Jeff, he knows a lot more than I do.  He retains things better than I do - I don't remember movie lines, I don't remember plots half the time, and I certainly don't remember everything I read!  I still get to say I'm smarter though - because I did get a higher IQ score than he did!  Turns out all that knowlege he has isn't on the test.  HA!   

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Mom/Barb/Nana said...

What a wonderful day with lots of fun with family! And how wise of both of you to make sure Conor isn't ignorant of what Jesus did for all of us! I'm proud of you.