Tuesday, May 10, 2011


First of all, I want to say that Alli is going into the hospital Tuesday night (guess that is today since it is after midnight), with the intent of being induced on Wednesday.  She has to go Tuesday so they can give her something to dilate her cervix over night.  Labor will be induced on Wednesday morning, so Lily will likely be born on May 11, 2011.  I guess there is a small chance labor could last until Thursday, but I hope not!

Jeff is in Columbus finishing up a job, and Alli was at Jon's house, so it was just Conor and me tonight.  We were in the living room - chatting and watching cartoons - and our electricity went out.  It was 8:40PM.  I called my mom to see if hers was out as well (she lives 4 houses away) - to make sure it wasn't just us.  I couldn't find a flashlight to check the breaker, so I figured calling her would just be easier.  Hers was out too, and my Grandma's - 3 houses away.  So, it was the whole street. 

Having not gotten much sleep over the weekend (cumulative 14 hours from Friday morning til Monday morning), I took it as a sign I should just go to bed and get a good nights sleep. In trying to get laundry done - all laundry, including sheets, comforters, all blankets, pillow cases, anything that is able to go in the washing machine! - and Mother's Day activities, I sacrificed a bit of sleep over the weekend. 

So, tonight, I was exhausted.  I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I wasn't doing much when the electric went out and since it was close to 9, Conor and I decided to go to bed after having a conversation about how we were not going to go to his friend Ethan's house just because we didn't have electricity.  And about how his day wasn't "bad" because he fell and hurt his knee and the electric went out. 

I managed to squeeze into my bed - it seems the dogs have claimed it as their own and they aren't much into giving away space - I got comfortable and was on the verge of sleep when I got a text message at 9:16PM.  I know, I know, maybe I shouldn't take my phone to bed with me, right?  Well, with no electric, I needed it for an alarm clock.  Who knew when the electric would come back on?  As long as I had water to brush my teeth and wash my face, we could still get ready for work and school without electricity.  I think anyway. 

Anyway, the message was from Alli, asking why the power went out.  I had sent a post to facebook to say I was going to bed because the power was out, so my mistake.   I responded and put the phone back and started to fall back asleep. 

Then the phone rang (9:19PM) and it was my mom telling me the power company said the electric should be back on by midnight.  I told her I didn't mind because Conor and I had just gone to bed.  I didn't even ask why it had gone out - I realized that after I had hung up and I didn't want to call her back. 

I fell asleep. 

Then I was awoken by the dogs - they both stood up and began barking.  It seems someone was at the door.  I tripped and ran into things in the darkness trying to get to the door.  It was about 9:40 at that point - I didn't look, but know due to other factors.  It was my aunt, bringing me a cool little lantern so I could have light.  :)  She apologized over and over for waking me up, which of course was not her fault - I never go to bed that early, so there is no way she could have known and she was just bringing me a source of light.  So, I was able to see my way back to bed and climbed in and turned the lantern off and put it beside my bed. 

About 3 minutes later, the electric was back on and lights came back on along with the TV.  I hadn't thought to turn the other lights out, and I really thought I had turned the one off in the bedroom, but apparently I turned it on. 

I got up to turn everything off and set the clocks (stove and microwave) and when I went back to bed I couldn't sleep.  So here I am, writing a post at midnight, not the least bit tired!  So now - instead of a sign that I should get some sleep, I think there is a conspiracy to deprive me of it!  ;)  just kidding.  I guess I just got a power 20 min nap accumulated there somewhere and it did the trick for a little bit.

I am starting to nod off writing this - goodness, I bore myself to sleep and I'm still going to post it?  Yep.  I am. 

*disclaimer* I am not, nor was I at any point tonight, upset with anyone who disturbed my sleep.  I did not have to respond to texts, or answer the phone, or go to the door. I have family who think and care about me, and I am thankful for all of them - sleep or no sleep.  I just thought it was a funny story so I thought I would share.  Now I'm going back to bed.


Barb said...

It's funny and it's pitiful! You poor little thing!! And here it is Lily's birthday and how much sleep have you had since this post? Hmmm?
Go to bed young lady!!
love you!

Barb said...

Wow Katie! This sounds like the plot of a horror movie to me!! Just kidding, but it would be so frustrating to be interrupted all night long. The part about all the lights coming back on 3 minutes after you stumbled all the way to the door in the dark cracked me up tho. I know, sometimes I worry about that sadistic streak in me....