Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up: The Baby Shower

Debbie (Jon's mom, my co-grandma) and I decided to throw one big baby shower for Allie and Jon.  Cheryl (Jon's aunt) secured the location for us - her church party room.  I made this punch but used strawberry drink mix to have pink for the whole "it's a girl" theme.  :)  It was really good! 

It was a great way to meet each other's families.  We had help from our family members as well:  contributing food, drinks, help with set-up, help with clean-up. 

We shopped together for all of the supplies and food. 

We had a great turn out, too.  It was co-ed, but only 3 adult males came.  Jon's dad, Jon, and Jeff.  Conor was there too, of course.

Everything went very smoothly - we had way too much food (after not thinking we'd have enough!), we played a few games, and Lily got a lot of cute stuff.  The collective "awwww" after each gift was opened became a source of amusement for some.  There are some very talented people in our families as well, she received several hand made items - which I absolutely love.  Blankets, afghans... even some clothes!  Which, of course, I don't have pictures of yet.  Waiting months to do posts leaves you with the "where did I put those pictures?!" syndrome.  Also, don't want to overload the posts with too many pictures.  I'll have to upload them to my flickr account for your viewing pleasure at some point.  I will surely let you know when I do! 

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Barb said...

It seems every time something fun is going on I end up sitting by myself at work! Such was the case here, but thanks to Jeff for texting me a few pix during the shower helped. I never did get any of that cake however.....

I'm glad Alli had such a fun time and sweet Lily got lots of "awwww-inspiring" things to welcome her to the family!