Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Sundays

Today we went to my aunt and uncle's farm to celebrate my cousin's 16th birthday.  It's amazing how peaceful it is there, how you can forget all about any problems or concerns you are having.  They have a new ATV - I forget the name of it, starts with a K, but it's like a golf cart on steroids.  I think it is this one.  My aunt Maggie took me for a ride back in the fields, and we had so much fun.  She is fearless!  We made our own paths in some spots, going over bumps so fast we both were bounced off the seat.  We also ran into a lot of tree branches that were smacking us in the face a bit.  It was so much fun. 

When we returned to the house, I took Jeff on a ride to show him the pumpkin field they had going.  Jeff was having major garden envy over there since they have a HUGE garden in addition to their 250 acres of crops.  Their tomato plants were about as tall as we are.  Sadly, they didn't plant any corn this year.  All soybeans.  :( 

It was a beautiful August day, a little cool for swimming in the lake, but when did that ever stop little boys?  Conor, Shane, and Grant all got in.  They didn't stay in too long and ended up playing in the sand because they got cold. 

Sundays with my family are always great, and this one was no exception.  :)  Of course I didn't take my camera, but I will next time. 


Barb said...

No PHOTOS?? I read every word of your blogs because I know there will be photos to help cement the comments in my mind. (and because I snatch them too!) I read to the end and there are NO photos!! sadddnessss...

I'm glad you had fun!! Did you make the cake??

Katie said...

No cake - they don't do cakes, they have a dessert contest every year (for the last 3 years) and the birthday boy picks the winner. I didn't participate this year though. :)