Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lily Mae

I know I should try to go in order, but since I have these pictures that I adore that I just took Saturday, I thought I'd share now.  Allie and Lily came over for a cookout on Saturday and were here for an entire 10 hours.  I took just 56 pictures... and thought I would share a few of those here.  Along with a couple of videos.  :)

She is giggleing and cooing and flailing her arms and legs a lot.  She wants to get up and go! 

She is also blowing spit bubbles, and slobbering, and it's just so cute!  Generally speaking, I don't promote these activities in those people over 1 year old or so, but babies can get away with almost anything and look cute!

This picture is currently my desktop background: 

She thinks it is hilarious when you put her blanket over her head and pull it off.  Peek-a-boo!  :)  It also makes it look like all her hair is combed forward, so I make it a point to fix it after we're done. 

And there's that adorable dimple!  She can have the most serious look on her face, and then instantly she breaks into a grin and her whole face lights up. 

She was making the funniest faces at me - I wish I would have taken video of it, but I had put my camera down and didn't want to leave her to go get it. 

Here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure: 


Cheryl said...

She's a cutie, Katie. You must be one proud grandma. :)

Mayo said...

I LOVE the third picture from the bottom, it just says to me "I'm cute & mischievous and I know it too"...haha
Great pictures K, you got yourself a real cutie there!

Terry said...

She's so cute Grandma! Love the pictures and videos

mimi said...

:)Precious. Love her so much....

Barb said...

She is just so sweet and happy! What a little charmer she is and the camera just loves her! I do too!
Hugs Lilybug!