Thursday, March 29, 2018

Gage's 16th Birthday

Gage turned 16 this year - Molly had a small gathering for ice cream cake.  It's the best ice cream cake, in my opinion.  I believe it is Toffee Coffee crunch cake - made by Cold Stone.  It isn't one they keep made and ready to buy, you have to order it in advance.  And it's yummy. 

Jeff (Molly's husband) was in charge of the candles.  He made an accidental buy...

Candle placement is important.  

He's so handsome.  :)

Smoke filled the room with only 16 candles...

Yum.  If you like Heath Bars and coffee, you'll love this cake.

Opening gifts

Jeff getting some cake.

Happy Birthday, Gage!!

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