Saturday, March 31, 2018


We celebrated Easter with the girls on Friday night, then Saturday again at Mimi's house.

We filled their eggs with blind bags and very little candy, since we knew they would be getting a lot from that bunny that comes to your house.

Blind bags are surprise bags of various characters.  They love them. 

They love opening them and seeing which character they got.

It's a genius idea - they charge way too much for a little plastic toy that you don't even decide what you get.  And kids love them.  :)

Saturday morning we went to Mimi's for the traditional Easter Breakfast and Easter Egg hunting.  I'd show you what that is, but... I didn't take any pictures of all the awesome, wonderful food we had.  Molly made blueberry strudel muffins.  Mom made the traditional breakfast.  I made the bacon bits and fresh Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice.  It was awesome.

The girls had to get their pictures taken before running off to hunt eggs.

They were very patient.  

Then they were off.  Searching high and low for the eggs.

Front yard

Back yard

Until all the eggs were counted and found. 

The below pictures are ones that Ceara took:

Happy Easter!

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