Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane in OHIO?!?!

Since we were the recipients of up to 84mph winds on Sunday (in some areas), there are certain people saying we experienced a hurricane here in OH on Sunday. Seems Ike traveled north a bit to visit us. So, a lot of places have/had no electricity. We had electricity, just no cable/phone/Internet. We somehow got lucky.

Others in my family were not so lucky, and I have pictures to show of that... but since I don't have Internet at home I cannot share them!

So, no school this week because... they didn't have electricity either. But lo and behold, somehow my work was the only freaking building in the area that did not lose power. I woke up Monday morning, figuring that we wouldn't have work. I did the cursory drive to work though - dedicated worker that I am. (HA!) No traffic lights. No morning coffee from McDonalds. No business in site open. But I walk up to my office? Lights on. OK... so... we need the Internet to work too, that's probably down. No? Really? We get to work all day? Yippee!

Meanwhile we are plotting to find the incoming power source and cut it ourselves. OK, so... we didn't really. But we all wanted to!

While I got to work, my family (Jeff and the kids) went to my mom's to help out with the cleanup over there. A tree fell on the garage and Jack's truck. A few fell at my grandma's house as well, but due to them being tangled in electric lines, they weren't trying to remove them yet.

After work, I went over and helped a little bit as well, but by the time I got there they were all wore out and ready to quit. So, we went home, I made some food and my mom came over to eat and take a shower.

The kids were off school on Tuesday and Wednesday as well - the electric got turned on at the schools sometime Wednesday night. Not sure if they have food to feed them or not, but... they went today.

So, what did I do with my evenings without the Internet to distract me? Well aside from dinner/dishes/laundry... last night I sewed. Yes! I do know how! Just because it is not something I do often, doesn't mean I don't know how. I took Home Ec in 8th grade, ya know. And yes, I'm well aware of how long ago that was, thank you very much, but it's not hard to remember how to take a needle and thread and poke it through material.

Besides, two pairs of my pants had holes in the seams that needed sewed. Yes, I was still wearing these pants with the holes in them... they weren't THAT noticeable and besides, I wear black underwear and the pants are black... so I don't see an issue with it. The hole was right on the seam and didn't gape open or anything. Sorry, may have been TMI (too much info), but hey, it's the truth.

Anyway, after I finished my sewing, I played with editing videos on my computer. What a HUGE headache. All those software advertisements that say "Make your own home videos on your computer, it's easy!" are lying. Or maybe I just didn't have the patience for it last night, I don't know.

I went through a lot of old videos, and they were so fun to watch. Allie walked in at one point and I said, "Someone else in this house has to learn how to edit videos because I have a lot that need edited and I just don't like it."

She said, "Me?"

"Either you, Jeff or Ceara - I don't care who does it, as long as it's not me. Seems like something that you and Ceara should be able to pick up quickly."

After all was said and done, I did get ONE video from my camcorder onto a DVD. But it isn't edited. And I had to leave it burning while I went to bed because it was taking forever.

Oh, and I didn't get to check if it worked or not. I'll do that later.

But I've had plenty to do without the TV/phone/Internet. I still want it back on though!

Completely off topic question... Why does spellcheck make me capitalize Internet? Is it really a proper noun? Because I think it should just be internet.


mattells said...

WHAT?!?! A hurricane. That reminds me of when we had the Earthquake in Michigan while my grandpa was living with us. When we heard the loud sound and the felt a jolt we naturally thought my little brother had dropped grandpa while trying to help him get out of bed rather than the other (uh... more logical?) (not in Michigan!) alternative that we'd just had an earthquake. Sorry to hear about the damage to property -- at least it was just property!

You Know said...

I am chuckling hysterically! Good thing you don't go commando!

Barb said...

How come I never heard this??
My head is spinning with ideas!!
.....wait, somehow they all involve baked goods...!