Monday, September 22, 2008

Storm Damage

Well, I have Internet... for now. It's like they are teasing us. It came back on Sunday afternoon, only to go out again Sunday evening. Then back on again. Or maybe they are irritated with me for the number of times I called for a status and they are punishing me... I was nice, though! I didn't yell at them.

Anyway, it's on for now, so I thought I would share some tree pictures from my grandma's house.

Here is the pole that fell in her yard (she has a lot of land, so her yard is pretty big). You can see the two trees down in the distance of this photo as well.

Here are some closer pictures of those two trees:

Grass, roots and all. Took down the fence that was there as well.
All throughout her woods, trees were blocking the paths.

And the tree that has the swing on it is the one that fell on her house:

It was a split tree, so half fell, half remained. But the whole thing has to come down. No more swing tree. =(

My uncles, cousins, and step dad worked on this tree on Friday and got it off the house. It was tangled in the electric lines so they wanted to get it off the house so it didn't catch on fire if the lines became live before the electric company knew about it. There was a bit of damage to the roof, but nothing major I don't think.

Last night (Sunday night) a crew of men from North Carolina showed up and cleared the lines and restored power to their houses. According to my mom, when they turned them on there were some sparks on grandma's roof, but the men were right there to take care of it and there wasn't any damage.

Grandma offered them drinks and to feed them dinner, but they declined. She is one of the best cooks so they should have taken her up on it, although, I think it was a time constraint. There were more places that needed worked on.

So everyone is relieved to have their electric back and for things to start getting back to normal. There is still more cleanup to be done, but that is just a matter of time.

On the positive side... because you always have to look for the positives, don't you? Tons of fire wood for the winter. Just have to get it split and let it season. =)

I hope it all holds up!

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Barb said...

What a huge mess to clean up, but it looks like the house is ok? I'm glad your Grandma is safe and has so many of you around to look after her! Looks like a lot of weinie roasts are in your future with all that firewood!