Friday, September 19, 2008

Internet woes. =(

OK, because it is probably slander, I will not post the name of the company here - but my phone/Internet/cable company SUCKS. Yeah, I know they have a lot of work to do, and I totally understand that. But they could COMMUNICATE with their customers as to when they THINK they will be able to return service to certain areas. The power company is giving ETAs. And I see them everywhere when I'm driving through town. I have yet to see ONE cable vehicle.

They have a recorded message if you call them... "blah blah blah, we are working with the power company and as soon as power is restored, cable service will be restored..." which is total crap because I never lost power, yet I don't have my cable restored.

And they won't even talk to me. The auto thing says "goodbye" and that is all. All I want is for them to talk to me. A little one-on-one conversation so they can let me know that they haven't assumed that we have everything fine because our power never went out.

So they can't tell me that they are working in my area on such and such day... or that it's possible to have it restored by Sunday... anything. Yeah, I know... we shouldn't be so reliant on this stuff. And... yeah, we can survive without it.

Except Jeff takes online classes. His classes are moving on without him and he will have to try to catch up. One of the classes is a Linux Server class and he has a Linux Server set up at out house to use for the assignments. He can't just lug it around to other people's houses to do his homework.

He is also still looking for a job. Who knows who might have called this week to offer him a job, just to find a message that say, "we're sorry, your call did not go through" upon dialing our number.

And I need the Internet to prove my arguments with him! We talk about something... he disagrees with me and I CAN'T LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET AND SAY "HAHAHAHAHA I'M RIGHT!!" Which, we all know I am, but he just doesn't accept my word for it.


I'm thinking about calling another service company and saying, "If you can get out to my house and set it up before my cable company gets around to repairing, I will switch to you." Because, they will at least give me a date.

OK, so I will wait until Monday to do that. Maybe. ;)

After volleyball last night, I played around a little more with Photoshop. Maybe someday I will be good at it, but... it's just lacking. So NOT as good as Barb's. =( If I ever get internet again, I might show you what I have done!

I also don't have all of my templates and stuff that I got from Misty Cato - they were on my old computer. I do have them on an external drive, but I couldn't find them all when I was transferring stuff the other day.

I miss the Internet at home. It's just not the same at work. They block all the really good sites. I can't even go to youtube anymore to listen to music while I work. BooHooo.

OK, back to work. Can't be writing here all day, ya know.


Debra said...

Matt and I would curl up in little balls and hibernate if we didn't have internet. That sucks about Jeff! I hope you get connected at home soon.

Barb said...

Aww, what a nice compliment!! But I'm sure as soon as you get time and your stuff organized, you will scrap circles around me!!

Love ya!