Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slander? I'm on a roll...

Is it slander if I post something negative on my blog about a certain watch company that totally sucks? I guess I can avoid naming them - but they are located inside the mall in Dayton at a kiosk. Let me explain to you why I don't like them and have told everyone I know not to ever use them.
After my brother died two years ago (Sept. 15th), I was at his house, and his mom let me go through some of this things to decide if I wanted any of them. One of the things I got was a watch. It didn't work at the time, it needed a battery, so I took it to the watch place in the mall to get the battery replaced.

They cracked the face of the watch while trying to put the battery in. They offered to fix it and told me it would be 4-6 weeks to get it repaired. So, I waited the 4-6 weeks and called. Seems they didn't have the ability to fix it, but they were sending it off to various places to see if they could find someone else to fix it for them.

Never once did they call me to give me an update. I was always the one to call them. And every time they had some story about how they were still trying. Every time they said they would call me when they got some news.

Finally, almost 2 years later (the day I took it to them was 10/12/06), I called them and said, "Just give it back. I don't care if you fixed it or not, I just want it back." I was told they would have to call me back.

When I did receive a call back, it was to get a discription of the watch because they couldn't find it. They had some watches in thier "training drawer" and one of them matched the description, so she sent it to the Dayton Mall location so I could stop in and see if it was the correct one. (She worked at another location.)

I went to the shop a few days later to see, and sure enough, it was the one they broke 2 years ago. It was still broken, and the battery they had put in 2 years ago was dead. I requested a new battery be put in it.

The guy working there was totally rude to me - like he had a chip on his shoulder and was expecting me to be rude or something. He put another battery in it and I began to walk away. I tried to put it on and found that the metal piece to connect it was missing. So, I walked back to the kiosk and said, "This WAS NOT broken when I brought it here 2 YEARS ago. All it needed was a battery. Now it has a cracked face and a missing piece from the band."

"Oh, that's what that was." He picked up the metal piece and handed it to me. I was livid, but I just walked away.

I showed it to my boss who said, "Make them pay for a new watch." But I don't want a new watch. I have watches. I want this one because it is my brother's.

I went to a hardware store and got some liquid cement and glued it back together. It's definitely a man's watch and looks a little wierd on my wrist, but I do wear it. Broken and all. It still tells time, so it is serving its purpose. I don't care that it's a man's watch.
Yeah, I could probably do something about it, contact them and demand money or whatever. But what purpose would that serve? It won't fix the watch and that is all I wanted anyway.


Barb said...

Well, this is terrible! Any business that treats customers that way shouldn't be in business!
So sorry Katie, try a "real" jeweler sometime, maybe they'll do a better job for you on that watch.

Anonymous said...

No offense or anything, but by your own admission you let it go for two years yourself...

Katie said...

No offense taken, but I didn't "let it go" - I called them several times. I just got the run around every time I called.