Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 Family Christmas

I've never uploaded video to my site before, so consider this a test. Of the Emergency Santa System. Or something like that.

We had our family Christmas party at my aunts house this year. Santa came to visit the kids, and he was GREAT! He was funny, he did some magic tricks, and he had everyone laughing. I, of course, didn't take my video camera because the battery had died while I was filming the Christmas play Allie was in earlier, and I forgot to plug it in. So I took several small videos with my camera. I have 12 altogether, but it took so long to upload this one... I don't even know if you will watch them all!

So, if you want to see more... leave a comment and let me know. I also have pictures... Oh, OK, twist my arm... here is one:

And, yes, that is a little white (REAL!) bunny rabbit on his lap. And Ceara is wearing Allie's glasses because ... I think because they look cute (which they do). And no, she's not going to hurt her eyes! While they are prescription glasses, they are not THAT kind of prescription. Oh, I don't know how to explain it. They are prisms that "move" objects so that your eyes don't strain so hard. Or something like that.

Anyway, Ceara has contacts because she REFUSED to wear glasses. Hated em. And imagine that, she likes em now. Wonder if she wants some of her own...

Anyway, that is all the time I have to write right now.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Don't for get the reason for the season, either! (That was a song in Allie's play that stuck in my head, too - really catchy tune.)

I have baking and cleaning to do now. And Taxi service.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (Just in case I don't get to tell you that again. I probably will, but you can't say it too much now, can you. Which reminds me, I need to put my Christmas CD on to listen to.)


u2bwb said...

Merry Christmas K!

barb said...

I like the movie! I was disappointed that it ended too soon! Feel free to show some more!

Allie was in a play??

mom said...

I would love to see more videos and relive the evening. It was a very good time. Keep them coming.