Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Ughhhh. I'm still full 5 hours after eating breakfast. Maybe that's because I keep going back and grabbing a piece of bacon, or a little piece of waffle. As with every year (it's a Family Tradition - love that song!), we had breakfast at my house this morning. I made sausage, bacon, biscuits, gravy, eggs, hash browns, waffles, cinnamon rolls, and my mom brought her hash brown casserole that everyone loves. Bernie (my step mom) brought a cherry pie.

But... that's not really why I'm writing this post. I'm writing to tell you about the conversation between Jeff and me a couple of seconds ago. Before I forget. Jeff took a nap, and as always, when he woke up he was a bit groggy. He was trying to ask me questions, but he wasn't making much sense. Maybe in his own head he did, but he didn't clarify anything. Come to think of it, he doesn't need to have just gotten up to make no sense to me.

Anyway. Allie and Ceara went to my sister's house after breakfast, and Ceara had called while he was asleep. Here is the conversation:

Jeff: "I wonder what Ceara wants?"

"She wants to see if you will take her to see Grand-dad today."

"They are all sick over there."

"I know they were last week, but they might be better today."

"Think they're OK over there?"

I took this to mean Allie and Ceara being OK at my sister's house. So I said, "I'm sure they're OK or Molly or Jeff would have called to tell us to come get them. Or they would have brought them home."

He gave me a puzzled look. "I meant my dad, Benetta, and Warren. Where did you learn to communicate? Tard school?"

"Obviously not, or I might be able to understand you better."

Then I laughed for a full 5 min while he tried to think of something witty to say. Which he did not come up with. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

I'm still laughing.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas today!!


barb said...

My poor sweet son. You would think he wasn't raised with two quick-witted sisters! He seems so under-prepared!! (It IS funny, isn't it?? hahaha)

Sorry I missed breakfast, it sounded wonderful - how did the cinnamon rolls do?

Katie said...

The second batch turned out OK, not as good as Grandma's, but they were still good. :)

Debra said...

That is a great come back. I only wish I could come up with those more often with Matt!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Lick finger
Draw imaginary tally mark on imaginary board.
Announce 'Alikat - 1. Jeff - 0.'