Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've been reading some blogs (yeah, I still read them, I just don't post myself! wanna make something of it?) about their wants and desires as children. What they asked Santa for but never got it under the tree on Christmas morning. THE toy of their time that didn't end up under their tree.

I don't remember any such toy for my childhood. I really don't remember asking for anything and being so concerned about it that it scarred me for life and I always remember not getting it. What I remember about Christmas is family. When we got to go to Grandma's house on or near Christmas Eve, and everyone exchanged names. I remember a lot of laughter, games, fun.

I remember sneaking down the steps at our apartment, with my sister, to see if Santa had come yet. That is how we found out that *gasp* our mom was the one who put gifts under the tree from Santa. And you know what? We didn't tell her we knew - not for a couple of years anyway. I don't know what Molly's reasoning was, but I remember thinking that if that was something she didn't want us to know about, then she would tell us when she was ready. I also loved and admired her even more for all the sacrifices she made for us to get us gifts from Santa. Seriously. I DID! No, it wasn't about the fact that we might get less presents if we fessed up to knowing she was Santa. I think that was Molly's motive, but not mine.

And oh, while we are on the subject of Molly... I love my sister. I do. I love her a lot. But, she does have flaws. As we all do, of course, I just feel better discussing her flaws here than I do discussing mine. Anyway, for as long as I can remember she has always COUNTED the presents to make sure we got an equal amount. Yes. I'm serious. I'm sure there are other neurotic kids out there like her, but I wasn't one of them. This is the same person who encouraged my cousin to PEE ON MY HEAD (he was on the steps, and I was innocently playing below him). Molly was just mean like that.

Oh, wait. This isn't supposed to be about all the mean things my sister did to me when we were kids. This is about Christmas. *ahem*

I do remember Christmas mornings as well. I remember getting a Snoopy Sno-cone maker. I remember some of the things I got, I just don't remember if I asked for them or not. I've never really been real big on asking for stuff. I honestly don't care if I get anything or not. I just want to spend time with my family and friends.

I've been reading a new blog lately (yeah, I know! you don't have to say it!) and she posted about what she wanted for Christmas as a child and did not get. Then there are all these comments that I read (because I love to read people's comments, even on other sites!) where her readers didn't get something they wanted as a child. AND THEY REMEMBER IT! So.

Here is where I am going with this... Conor wants a dinosaur for Christmas. The D-Rex. It is all he has asked for and he really wants Santa to bring him one. Jeff and I already decided not to get him one - they are too expensive for what it is and it will just be something he uses to terrorize the dog, and it's just not in the budget this year.

So, am I just asking for a Jerry Springer-ish confrontation at some point in my future when he is an adult? Or will he be more like me and not even remember asking for stuff because spending time with his family will be what stands out most in his memory?

I need to ask Allie if she remembers anything that she asked for but didn't get.

Come to think of it, I think I could have a Jerry Springer-ish confrontation with my sister. Did anyone else's sister encourage boys to pee on their heads?


mattells said...

I GOT THAT SAME SNOOPY SNO-CONE MAKER! Used it until the ice shaving part was too dull to shave ice. Loved it. And love that your sister wanted someone to pee on your head. :)

barb said...

Actually it's probably a good thing when a kid doesn't get every single thing he ever wanted! It's an awful thing to have so many things that you never have any "wants" to want! There must be something about a thwarted desire that helps us grow or change because it's something we remember happening. I think it keeps us more thankful for what we do have and stifles that sense of entitlement that so many kids have these days.

When I was a kid there was NO ONE who would dare pee on my head - or anywhere in my line of sight for that matter!! All the neighbor kids knew that where I was concerned, any boy who would try that with me would have had his apparatus handed to him!

U2Bwb said...

I don't know which is funnier, K's post about being peed on by her cousin or the comment left about handing someone's apparatus to the culprit. haha
Good stuff! Thanks for the laugh!
Merry Christmas!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

I don't remember expecting things and i really don't remember what I did or didn't get - the anticipation was the fun. We would make a mile long list from the Sears catalog but that was just a ritual and lots of fun - in case Santa needed ideas I guess. don't EVEN get me started on the things my sister Anne did to me.