Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trying to post...

I have several posts started, but not finished. I keep trying to tell you guys stuff, but then I get side tracked and forget to come back and finish.

So. Much. Going. On.

But there are a couple of things I wanted to share with you before I totally forget about them.

1. Last night Conor took all his cloths off except for his underwear. I asked him why he was getting nekkid. He said: "Because I'm hot. Not boyfriend hot, but hot hot." I totally cracked up. That is the result of having two teenage sisters.

2. My grandma found a Sears and Roebuck (no idea if I spelled that right!) catalog from 1902 and passed it around on Sunday for everyone to look at. It was AMAZING. You could buy a couch for $8.45. However, if you wanted a bike? It was $10.85. Seems kinda expensive to me. To pay more for a bike than a couch? Oh, how fun it was to look through that. To see the prices, as well as see what all could be bought at Sears back in the day. You could buy an Optometrist kit. Diagnose yourself and all your friends! It was a "big money maker" according to the add. Which totally would justify spending $29 on it. I did a google search on it and came up with this! I didn't get to see the undergarments page when I was looking through on Sunday... but the example in that article? Being considered ... um, I don't want to type that word on my blog... so... pron. With the o and r turned around. That is HILARIOUS. And it just goes to show that there were some ridiculous lawsuits back in 1902 as well.

Hope this post made you laugh at least 3 times!

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! (In the event that I don't get to post here again before then... I will TRY!)


barb said...

Back in those days a dirty old man was a guy who sat at the train station hoping for a glimpse of a woman's ankle as she lifted her skirt a little to go down the steps of the train! If one of them got a glimpse of what we see today, he'd have died on the spot! Where's the happy medium?

Conor is a hoot!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Girl - I believe The Onion has successfully pulled your leg - it does look ingeniously real I must admit! I sooo want to work there. Did you look up houses? That is the totally mind blowing thing - all the parts for a bungalow for nothin' practically. Thanks for stopping by my site.