Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Or should I say mmmmmm? Do you know how weird it is to look at and read about food that I have never had a desire to try and suddenly I want to try it? Because of the writing and the pictures, and everything else?

In this blogging world I have followed links to, I have found several cooking sites. And then more cooking sites from links on those cooking sites. And so on. So much so that I can hardly remember how I got to these sites in the first place. Not just sites where they post recipes, but where they describe the flavors of these foods. It has become quite addicting to read these posts, even about food I have never tried and may never get to try, but I like reading about it.

I planning to try some of this food. Aren't your taste buds supposed to change every 7 years or something like that? Or is that just some old wives tale that isn't true? I think it's true. Maybe. But how do you really prove it? Something you used to like you suddenly don't like anymore? Like that colored sugar you get as a kid with the little candy stick to dip it in? I used to like that. I can't imagine eating it now. I'm sure there are probably better examples...

I used to like peas. But then my sister didn't like them and I decided if my sister didn't like them, then I certainly shouldn't like them. Right? Child-like thinking. Oh, wait. I was a child. That thinking has stuck with me though, and I haven't eaten peas since I was very young. But driving home the other day, I suddenly had a craving for peas. Is that weird? I haven't had any yet, but I still think I want some. I wonder if they taste the way I remember them tasting? I'll let you know if I do eat some soon.

I also need to get a 3 ring binder going for all these new recipes I'm printing out. That way I can make notes in the margins and hand it down to my kids some day for them to try.

And yeah, I know I owe some pictures at some point. I did finally figure out the problem with PhotoShop, but have not taken the time to work on the pictures I have to post. They have piled up now, and it just seems like an enormous task!

It's voting day here in the US, time to get out there and cast your vote to see who will be our next President of the United States! That sounds a little bit like a reality show line, doesn't it? Like, say... American Idol? I don't even watch reality shows...

This election will certainly be a historical moment. Whichever side wins, we will have a "first" in the White House. So don't forget to vote so you can say you were a part of it! :) Another thing I have read lately on many blogs is how important it is to vote. And really, it is.

I will be standing in the voting line after work tonight to cast my vote - I've seen the voting places, and heard all the tales from those people in the office who have already been. I'm hoping everyone is getting there early so that the line won't be too long when I get there tonight!

Yeah, this post is kinda random, but... that's the kind of day I'm having so far.

Have a great day!!! :)

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barb said...

Maybe you'd like peas raw, right out of the shell? Snow peas are really good!!

I'd make some more comments, but I'm just not feeling quite so random!