Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Photoshop is broken

:( It won't let me edit the pictures to make em all nice and pretty. :( It has worked up until now, but Jeff said they have seen a lot of it at his work. People having problems with Photoshop and Vista. I have a whole bunch of pictures to post, so you may just have to see them in their dull form if I don't figure it out soon. I don't edit them too much, just make them a little brighter or crop them.

In other news, Conor and I are making cake balls today. They are all the rage right now! Two of my favorite bloggers have made them this week! Only I'm not sure what kind of decorating I'm doing on them, I'll decide that if they actually turn out right!

I'm not doing a step by step of how we are making them, you can read that on either Bakerella's site or Pioneer Woman. I'll just post pictures.

I do know that I'm making them with spice cake, though. And cream cheese icing (I'm making the icing as I don't like the canned cream cheese that I've tried.)

So, off to making them now!

What are you guys doing today?

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U2BWB said...

Those cake things look interesting, might have to try them with my little one some time. Lauren's eyeballs (gigglepotamus) looking out the window scared me...haha.
What am I doing today? The thing I detest the most: Christmas shopping...haha. The kid stayed with her grandparents, while Mom and Dad attempted to get an early start on the holiday season.