Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Material

I haven't had much material lately to blog about, or I just felt it was too boring to tell ya'll. Last week was a very busy week for me, with two birthday celebrations, a trip up north for a farewell luncheon with some of our techs who got hired by the company they were working onsite for, and Ceara leaving for Washington DC.

Here it is a week later and I do not remember what happened on Monday and Tuesday of last week. On Wed, I used my lunch hour to go get the girls cell phones - which they have been begging for a lot lately. I figured I'd give them another chance to see how they do now. They are a little bit older, and hopefully a little bit more responsible.

So, Ceara was leaving Wednesday night on a trip to Washington DC with her school. We had dinner with my mom for her birthday right after work, then Ceara and I rushed home to get her things together in the car to get her to the bus. We were trying to program her phone with some phone numbers, but it kept saying that the SIMM card was missing or broken. I tried to take the darn thing out, but the way it is in there I could not get it out.

So, we called the place I got it from and they said to bring it in. We were in a hurry to make the bus, but it wasn't too far away. We loaded the car and went to the store. They were able to get the SIMM card out and it was actually in the wrong way. No, I didn't do it, they had set them up when I bought them. So, it was quick and easy, and we got on our way to the school. Then we realized she forgot her pillow and blanket - which she needed to sleep on the bus on the way there.

So we ran home and got them. We had to also stop and buy some shampoo and conditioner that she forgot as well, but we did make it on time. We met up with her room mates and they got all of their things sorted and onto the bus, and they were off.

Allie and Conor had went with my mom to have cake at her house, so I headed there to get them. Conor was tired, so we didn't stay any longer and I took a piece of birthday cake home with me.

At lunch on Thursday I went to the grocery. I needed to get some apples to make a couple of pies. One for my mom for her birthday - a day late, but a surprise - and one for my former work bud who I was having a farewell luncheon with the following days.

So, the kids and I spent Thursday evening making two apple pies. We took one to my mom that evening, and I took the other one to my work bud the following day. I was very worried about it, though, because I have never. ever. followed a specific recipe for making my apple pies. I throw it all together and just put whatever looks right to me for the filling. Even though I did take measurements for the post I made on here? I don't follow that. It's kinda a starting point for people who don't know how to make pies! Not for me to look at and measure stuff.

So, sometimes my pies are too sweet. Sometimes they are too tart. They all get eaten usually though. You can put a scoop of ice cream on top and it balances either way. :)

But, my family are the only people who I have ever made pies for - so giving one to someone else and not being able to try it before he did, or be there when he tried it... made me nervous!

OK, onto this luncheon we were having. My boss had this idea to do a cook out at a park close to their work site. That's almost 2 hours north of our work site. So, he put his grill in the back of his truck and tied it down. And we hauled it north. In the rain.

I did a few twitter updates about that day - it was cold. Very cold. Insanity was what it was. Why couldn't we just have pizza somewhere?!?!

The park, however, is beautiful. Even in the rain. I did take a few pictures, but I haven't had the chance to load them onto my computer yet, so I will do that later.

The guys brought desserts, and we all gathered under the shelter to eat and talk and try to find a little warmth. I was the only female there, so I was way out numbered!

After the food and fun, the guys gave our boss a "farewell gift" - one of the gifts was a few lottery tickets. Dave set them aside to rub off later - probably didn't want to rub it in if he actually won. But they wanted to see him rub them off.

So, after someone said something to me while we were loading stuff into cars, I told him to rub them off. There was a lot of ribbing and teasing going on during the scratching off of the tickets. Dave claimed that he would split anything he won, and they all, "you're not going to win anything big enough to split.."

"You never know, I could just hit this $10k right now. I've got 2 already, just need one more... OMG, there it is. I just won $10,000! OMG, look at this!" as he proceeded to show them all his winning ticket.

Then reality set in and he read the back of the ticket. "You can redeem this ticket at Santa's Workshop, the Tooth fairy's house, or Yo Mama's house" and stuff along those lines.

Yep, they bought him a fake winning lottery ticket. And they told me that while we were loading the cars. Their intention was for me to prevent his doing anything stupid (like quitting his job, or telling his boss off) when he saw the winning ticket.

I told him to scratch them off so that the guys could see his reaction in person.

Yeah, it was fun.

So, I know Monday and Tuesday were busy as well, but... like I said, I don't remember! The week flew by though. Friday night was Austin's birthday party - just ice cream cake and family though. They went out to dinner and we met at my sister's house for dessert.

So, this has been quite long enough, and I will just end it here. I will try to put some pictures up soon, too. :)


Used2B Work Bud (U2BWB???) said...

I finally got my apple pie, and it was well worth the wait! FANTASTIC!
Thanks K!

barb said...

Wow! I was going to comment on this one, but after reading all the stuff you did, I got tired and have to go lie down instead......