Sunday, October 05, 2008

Soccer Treats

On Conor's soccer team, each child is responsible for bringing a treat to one of the games. Yesterday was Conor's turn and Barb made these awesome little bags for each of the kids.

She is not just creative with pictures, she also sews! And embroiders.

I hope she is seriously aware that she has now set the bar high from the beginning of his soccer years!!

We filled them with treats - Yoohoo to drink, Teddy Grams, Nutterbutters, M&Ms, Twix, and Whoppers. Yep, sugar the kids up after they wear themselves out for the whole game. :)

They were a huge hit with the kids and with the parents.
Thanks Barb!
BTW - Conor had Yoohoo for the first time because one of the other kids got it for their treats as well, and he loved it.


Barb said...

Awww, what nice things to say! You are so welcome! I'm glad to do it for Conor and the team!

Jeff said they would just be filled with chocolate...he wasn't kidding!

Can you believe I've never had a YooHoo? Now I feel left behind, I need to go to the store soon and catch up!

Just to be clear, and lest you see the "made in Mexico" tags...I didn't sew these bags, just did the embroidery!

FWB said...

The bags look pretty cool, nice job B!
I don't see any Reese cups though Katie...haha
I (like B) admit I also have never had a Yoohoo, but I think it's supposed to taste like chocolate milk....right? If so, it would not be my first drink of choice.

Just Another Mom said...

Yeah, I had Yoohoos when I was little, Allie liked them when she was little (and still does!), and now Conor likes them as well. I do not like them as an adult though.

And do you really think Jeff would let me give away Reese cups? HA! lol

Misty said...

Those bags are so cute. I can only imagine what all of the other soccer moms are thinking.

mattells said...

Ahhh man! I remember when all we got were orange wedges...

Barb said...

orange wedgies?