Thursday, October 09, 2008


I have never. ever. did I mention never? been an organized person. I don't remember at any point in my life being able to organize anything. I long to be organized. I try to be organized. It just doesn't happen.

How do people do it?

Is it just some gene that people inherit that they either have or don't have?

It doesn't help that I'm a sentimental person. I get sentimentally attached to something and have to keep it somewhere.

My sister is organized. But she is also not sentimental. So is that it? I got the sentimental gene and she got the organizational skills one?

I actually fantasize about having a month off work to concentrate on organizing my house. Is that a sickness? I take vacation days to be able to stay home and clean/organize. It just doesn't stay that way long. Clothes continue to be worn, and laundry just keeps piling up. Guess we can't very well walk around nekkid all the time, though, huh?

Like the dog's brush. I bought a brand new one not long ago. And I cannot find it anywhere. I can find the old one, and know where it is right now. But the new one? Whoever brushed him last didn't put it up.

Is there a cure for it? I need a drill Sergent to come live at my house.

The only thing that has really helped me is reading a book. I read that book, and when I'm 1/2 way through it, I get this sudden urge to throw stuff out. OK, not throw it out, but give it away / sell it / throw it out. It has helped me to get rid of a lot of stuff, but there is still so much that I need to get rid of and go through. A big problem of mine is I see something and think "that has to be useful to someone, I don't want to throw it away, that would be wasteful," so I put it in a box, and put it in my garage, where it is supposed to be donated or sold at some point in the future, but it still sits there. Cluttering up my garage. (And yeah, I recognize that sentence is a great example of a run on sentence, and my English teacher would be so ashamed, but I'm leaving it anyway!)

There just isn't enough time in the day!

Can you tell this is particularly bugging me today? =\ And today, I am at work, then I have to get Allie and go to the dentist (both of us getting cleanings). I've always wanted to eat Oreos before going to the dentist so that he has something to really clean. But I always make sure to brush and floss right before seeing him. At his office as a matter of fact.

Can you see by this post that my thoughts are even unorganized at this time?


gingela5 said...

I have no organizational skills either! I'm scared when I actually have a child to clean up after/keep organized! I know how you feel!!

FWB said...

What? This is very surprising to me, gives me an odd glimpse into the REAL mind of K? You sure have me fooled, you come across as one of the most organized people I know when it comes to your job! Surely you jest?

"I've always wanted to eat Oreos before going to the dentist so that he has something to really clean." I had to chuckle after reading this. Eating Oreos has never crossed my mind, but when I had braces, I despised my Orthodontist and always wanted to eat a bunch of garlic or onions (or both) before my appointment, but of course my Mom never allowed it. Bummer.

Barb said...

The trick to being organized is the old cliche about "a place for everything, everything in it's place" No matter how much you have, (up to a point!) if what you have doesn't have a logical "home" then it's apt to end up anywhere/everywhere.

Having said that, it sure helps when everybody else in the house espouses the same rule, cuz when they don't...all bets are off!
(Now that I've given you great, free and unsolicited advice, don't come around MY house and expect to see organization!! lol!)

OREOS!!! I laughed out loud!!